Engineering Triumph at Hilton Maslak

ShadeEx November 18, 2023 0 Comments

In the heart of Istanbul, at the Hilton Maslak Hotel, we undertook the intricate task of installing five Skylounge Bioclimatic Pergolas, creating a sophisticated outdoor dining area that spans a total of 100 square meters. This project showcased our ability to handle complex installations with precision and adaptability, akin to our other successful ventures.

A unique aspect of this project was the reliance solely on architectural plans for measurements, without the opportunity for field measurements. This approach required an exceptional level of accuracy and trust in the architectural designs, challenging our team to meticulously produce each component based on these plans. Our success in this endeavor highlighted our technical proficiency and ability to deliver precise results without the need for on-site adjustments.

Adding to the complexity was the timing of the assembly. Our team started the installation process before the concrete for the flooring had been poured and while the facade works were still in progress. This required us to operate in a dynamic construction environment, adapting our methods and timelines to align with the evolving site conditions.

The seamless completion of this project was made possible through our highly coordinated efforts with the construction site management and the architectural team. This collaboration was crucial in ensuring that our work complemented the ongoing construction activities without any disruptions or errors. Despite the challenges, we managed to install the pergolas flawlessly, showcasing our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

This installation at the Hilton Maslak not only added a luxurious touch to the hotel’s amenities but also stood as a testament to our expertise in executing complex projects with precision and efficiency. Our ability to adapt and collaborate effectively under challenging conditions was key to the successful completion of this elegant outdoor space.

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