Skylounge Bioclimatic Pergola

Discover a new way of enjoying the outdoors with the SKYLOUNGE Bioclimatic Pergola. Its special roof blades can be turned to control sunlight and airflow. It can transform your outdoor space into a wonderful place to relax.


Directable and Rotatable movement

SkyLounge has a stylish and robust design that you can easily use in both personal and commercial areas. Thanks to its innovative design and options in space usage, it creates spaces for you to enjoy. One of the standout features of this pergola is its rotatable roof. This allows users to adjust the roof, providing the flexibility to open or close it based on specific needs, creating a shaded or sunlit area as desired.

Color options

There are multiple colours available within the Shadeex range that you can choose from, or you can personalize the product to your liking.


Standard Colors

Non-Standard Colors


The louver blades can rotate up to 120 degrees, providing control over the amount of sunlight and breeze. Adjusting the angle of the blades creates a pleasant breeze while blocking direct sunlight. This versatile feature allows for customization to suit individual preferences.


When shut, the panels offer protection from rainfall, with the water draining off into downpipes that are integrated into the structure. This design feature ensures that the covered area stays dry and free from rainwater accumulation, allowing for comfortable and enjoyable use even during wet weather.



The Skylounge Bioclimatic Pergola is built with unwavering strength, designed to handle substantial snowfall while maintaining its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Its sturdy framework and adjustable louvers are meticulously constructed to support the weight of winter snow, guaranteeing that your outdoor space stays usable and secure.


Lateral Closings

What can we add to Shadeex Skylounge Bioclimatic ?

– screens:

You can cover the bioclimatic system with Zip Curtains, which have transparent and durable fabric options.

– glazing:

You can cover your Skylounge bioclimatic pergola with Guillotine, sliding, folding or fixed glass.


Shadeex pergola covers feature lighting solutions exclusively powered by LED technology. Beyond their eco-friendly attributes stemming from low energy usage, these lights provide the added benefit of adjustable brightness via a dimmer. The versatility of these solutions allows for customizable combinations, elevating both the aesthetics and comfort of any architectural environment.


Self Standing


x=450 cm y=603,5 cm

x=450 cm y=803,5 cm

x=450 cm y=1207 cm

Wall Mounted


x=450 cm y=603,5 cm

x=450 cm y=803,5 cm

x=450 cm y=1207 cm

Wall Mounted Side


x=603,5 cm y=450 cm

x=803,5 cm y=450 cm

x=1207 cm y=900 cm


Automated sensors for light, wind, and rain adjust the pergola’s settings to suit the changing environment, while our remote control systems put the power of operation in your hands. We utilize the globally acclaimed Somfy automations from France to power our offerings, providing a 5-year guarantee and employing RTS and IO technology for effortless operation with just a simple button press.

Technical Details

Water Drainage


Rotate up to 120°


Multi-layered Sealing


Airtight Seal


The structures are made to move raindrops off the ceiling as fast as possible, other than standard slope that will cause water to slide down to the structure also uses an embedded water draining system that connects the ceiling to the ground and does not let water to slide down from unwanted sections of the structure.